26 December 2014 @ 07:01 pm
now a little about myself.
i'm twenty-six years old, so infp it hurts, fluent in english, german and my african mother tongue. i am currently learning learning japanese. i work in web design/development and my interests include reading things, watching things, playing things, writing, taking photos.

generally, i tend to dip my feet into fandoms rather than let them take over my life completely. i am however shipping levi and hanji from attack on titan and have been for over year or so (i have never shipped anything this intensely, let alone for so long). and at unhealthy levels, too. so there is that.

i'm still compiling a little list of things i like, books, films etc... because i haven't been watching too many things these days, but i'll post it later.

what this journal will be about:

i'm planning to post public and well as private entries, so it'll be a mix of fandom/interests and personal bits here and there. i love rambling about things so there will be a little of that, too. and photos, i really want to get into that as well. oh and i will be posting mainly levihan fanfiction too so yeah. and least i forget, my efforts in learning japanese will probably find a place somewhere, too. it's a good way to stay motivated.